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may have seen the tweets, or even worse, you may have even shared the news; that there are dolphins and swans in Venice or there are elephants in China, all roaming around freely in this fresh and pure human-free world. 

18 Techno_Crats

COVID 19 is forcing the humans to stay home due to which all the education institutions are facing problems because examinations are getting delayed. Enforcement of anti-cheating techniques can be used. Keeping these things in mind we propose Elude Examination Room that helps in examining the students from remote locations.


1 TechStream

There is an imminent need to providing tele consultation due to the novel Coronavirus disease. We propose an Android mobile application for eConsultation with video calling to patients and voice-to-text based prescription generation. Patients also fill a screening questionnaire for Covid-19 related symptoms when submitting requests. 

30 antivirus

Problem: Lack of uniform system to manage and triage CoVID-19 patients. This leads to various problems like time and resource wastage. Solution: Arm health workers and administration with data enabled app which can be used to speed up treatment with data backed decisions. The data then will be used to manage transfer of cases between facilities

34 Co Vid

The need of PPE kits and face masks are increasing day by day.  Our solution is to create PPE kits and face masks for the medical staffs.  Only if the are safe we will get better treatment and their safety is our prior concern.  We are planning to develop a single suit, double layer PPE and face mask. 

12 The Empathizer

IOT based smart device to monitor physiological and mental health parameters along with position remotely and continuously for patient under quarantine. This  device can be used as advised by the doctor. The microcontroller in device sends data to cloud and App will provide assistance for all necessity of  the patient.

11 Can't Escape

Now a days many of the patients from quarantine center or isolation ward are trying to escape due to fear of hospital facilities or irresponsibility due to this the spread of the COVID-19 may be faster and also the officials also can’t monitor the patients continuously and also their condition also. For this we have created SAVEBAND

53 Bit Rebals

Novel corona virus also known as Covid-19  where lot of people got affected and  some of them are gave their life. So Government of India announced the lockdown to stop spread of this. Due to this people may suffer from psychological stress. To stop this we are going to implement app called LNSY means learn new skill yourself .Make yourself busy.

9 VECagainstCOVID-19

Here we are addressing the problem related to suppliers of essential assets particularly drivers on roads. Because if they get infected, it can impact large number of people. Another problem with the drivers is they are working very hard to ensure smooth supply, which can make them feel drowsiness while driving.we came up with a solution for this.


The problem which we observed is, for sanitization right now government is using human labour. Mass sanitization is most necessary at public place like crowded areas, roads, fields, warehouses etc, for this we have an idea which we can make at very low cost and can sanitize the area with very minimal human labour.

29 Hack Elite

proposed a cost-efficient, portable, lightweight remote control vehicle for effective sanitization. Using 12V power supply makes our vehicle free from compulsion of electricity supply. Sensors are used to receive the alert notification over the smartphone about maximum and the minimum level of the solution in the tank.

17 Kill Covid-19 viruses

 •From Data Resorce1: COVID-19 is killed at 56 degree Celsius temperature for 30 minutes duration of time •From Data Resource2:Many viruses will die from 40% to 60% of Relative Humidity in air •Combination of above is used to inactivate COVID-19 virus

38 Peace Fighters

Virus are mostly spread in public places like hospitals, railways stations etc so we need to always keep cleaning and monitoring that surrounding.. Our solution is sanitizer tunnel combain with embedded (IOT) and uvc light technology with iot based on IOT we can monitoring easily.. We can give awareness to all people who are unused santinizer 

40 Alpha

There is a immense increase in the number of patients in many regions of  India,which makes it difficult to manage the patients.We will work on finding the hotspots in every small region and sort the patients according to their medical status,so that they can be cured accordingly and faster in order to decrease the casualty ratio in our country.

54 Kgpians

Extensive testing is considered as an important step in tackling COVID-19. The contact-based testing and latency in testing are key challenges for the same. Here a 2-phase screening system for finding out the physiological parameters like breathing rate, temperature, shortness of breath from voice and thermal imaging is proposed.

44 The Champions

In order to prevent the spread of viruses from one person to another and also from various ways like by touching objects,money,utensilsThe elements such as selenium, zinc, vitamin c and d present in certain foods can increase immunity of a person when taken in suggested amounts.  When the elements selenium,formaldehyde etc are used against spread.

49 Remote Diagnosis

Educating about the risk & identifying patients, especially rural people, plays a key role in fighting against Covid19. LenS is an app that offers video/audio(for rural people) based Covid19 patients identifying/testing as well as counselling. Also, may be used for consulting non-Covid patients, sharing effective treatment among medical fraternity.

39 Code for cure

Real time data processing using regression analysis can be used to form different clusters for the refugees utilizing the government institution premises taking their approval. Essential facilities like mass kitchen and sanitization will be provided. Setting up Ad-hoc networks will be useful to provide priority based fast-track emergency service. 

32 Optimisers

Impact of Social Distancing,Lockdown,Quarantine has both positive as well as negative impacts. We are here to create awareness and optimise the growing deficit of awarenss and maintaning social distance. we create a website or dashboard to make sure the people are well aware of this deadly virus.

23 Pyaro

The proposed solution provides a well equipped ammunition for hospitals and workplace that are vulnerable to Corona virus. The system uses UV-C tubes which is an effective tool that immediately kills any virus and bacteria present on surface. The UV-C tubes will be placed at the bottom of the system that ensures human safety.

60 Prayag

Sudden implementation of the lockdown & social distancing, due to COVID-19 has created physical & psychological challenges, especially for older people. The proposed solution aims to solve this problem by monitoring, recording, equipping them with essential resources, helping families with information & administration with resource management.

21 The Innovation Lab, VIT Pune

 Many Doctors,Policemens,Workers put their life at risk and work difficult task of sanitation Public Navigation providing medical facilities like medicines ,inspections and what not. So we came with an Autonomous Mobile Robot who can assist Human Being in achieving goals such as Sanitixation,helping doctors in their task and other Utility.

45 Stallions-PES

The project is a video conference application with a focus on bringing education to anyone with an internet connection. The application has three main parts: virtual classroom, handling slow internet speeds, guaranteeing security and privacy. We achieve this using novel autoencoder neural networks algorithms and non-intrusive student monitoring.

31 Hack O' Holics

The diagnosing of the disease is a tedious task and requires close contact with the individuals, who may be infected. Then it is essential to monitor and regulate the general public during the time of lockdown. Police cannot ensure whether everyone is safe in their residence. A device for the diagnosis and to ensure social distancing is needed. 


For control outbreak of COVID-19,we make a solution  “Thermal Scanning & GPS Tracking System”. Using thermal scanning we can check the high temperature of the Human body.If body temperature is high  then it will be givealert to the Health Authority. It can be installed in any Artificial Machine and  Drone.


One of the major challenges currently faced by the health care system is the lack of an efficient method to sanitize surfaces like walls, beds etc. The UV mop makes use of far UV-C (200-222 nm) which destroys the viral genome content but is harmless for humans and other mammals.

33 Area 51

We are trying to solve the remote education problem due to this pandemic. We plan to acheive this by creating an app that offers all the features needed by the faculties to conduct classes online including attendance, conducting examinations, practical labs and flexible hours for the student to attend the lectures.

14 Critical Thinkers

Our idea is to create an android based mobile application that will be used in three phases by hospitals to request the medical equipment to the authorities, municipal authorities which will analyse and provide the needs, the public that contribute.

24 Medtex

Using UV radiation or disinfectants, we propose to damage the RNA and dissolve the lipid layer of COVID-19. A simple robot with four wheels, 2 motors directs UVC radiation or alternatively sprays disinfectant through an ultrasonic nozzle towards specific areas. The far- UVC lamp can disinfect distances upto 180 cm.

47 Covid Crushers

A centralised software approach to tackle the prevalence of increasing transmission of covid through health care professionals owing to the lack of special accommodation facilities for them by connecting them to property/hotel owners who are willing to provide a safe and clean space for accommodation

46 EVA

The idea is to tilize a drone for multi tasking such as carrying medical suplements, thermal scanning for sensing temperature and mass sanitization using IOT & ML. it helps for aerial surveillance and image recognition. 

61 Tenacious Twins

The Non-COVID patients are facing problems in getting treatment these days. The is a lack of availability of specialized doctors to treat the non-COVID patients during this lock down. But in many areas doctors in these fields are not available. So, we propose in building a mobile application MED-CARE to connect doctors and patients digitally.

19 Innovizens

The delay in screening process of COVID-19 can result in a high chance of spread between people. Such a spread could happen in common places post lockdown. We are proposing a portable device with sterilizing unit to measure vital signs of COVID 19. This system has high impact as it increases periodic mass screening.

42 Human Targets

The world’s routine changes to the exact opposite way when there is a battle between humans and viruses. Physiological measurement has widespread implications at this season. Team ‘Human Targets’  combine cost effective materials to measure body factors. This helps prevent unwanted crowding in hospitals. Unit can be used as a Health Booth for CoVID

52 Dark Knights

Our solution caters to underprivileged rural children’s e-Education by reducing amount of data required to access the online video lectures, enabling access with even with low bandwidth. Our Approach involves extracting Audio separately and taking snapshots of Video leading to 50 – 70% less data being used, with all of the learning content intact.

58 Eklavya

At this current crisis,  it is very challenging and risky for hospital staffs to clean and sanitise room wards in Covid hospitals. To ensure the safety for caretakers, we develop an autonomous bot to support caretakers to clean and sanitise room wards. The proposed bot is capable of sanitising floors.

20 CovidRIT

Our solution is low cost uvc disinfection robots that is mobile app controlled and disinfect room within 20 min and can be used anywhere like hospitals and transportation systems. It achieves 2log reduction. Efficient than solution sanitization 

48 Apex

As patients are increasing and room sizes of metro cities like Thane-Mumbai are small, maintaining social distance while quarantine is difficult. Vacant railway stations and public places can be used as quarantine zones. Technology will be used for ensuring social distancing.  It is cost-effective as no new infrastructure is needed. 

43 Pings With Things

 First part: Cleaning households – robot programmed cleans floors. A tank with sprayer is fitted into robot.     Second part: Drone, tanker trucks. In drone  tank, programming  to spurt sanitizer to a particular distance. In trucks, sanitizer in tank is sucked,sprayed with  pressure.    Third part: keeping sensorbased sanitation hub everywhere.

41 Mission#SD-Move*

Design and development  social distancing prototype. The concept of image processing in CCTV Cameras,mobile cameras  with wireless  transmitters, Sneeze Detection Model (with defied set of images) we are going to introduced . COVID 19 infected person would be detected  by analysis of style of walking, eye movement .

35 Team IITB

Increasing trend in cases creates an urgency to design solutions that identify infected patients, mass sanitization and cost-effective disinfection. Problems of detecting vulnerable areas using multi-thematic maps, diagnosing patients using remote scanners, a cost-effective innovative means to disinfect people and materials have been addressed.

15 Sankalp

In present days, virus is spreading rapidly. so to prevent this, we need easy and effective solution. So, our idea is to place air blasters in hospitals, in malls they are placed to remove the contaminants, if we use disinfectant spray instead of air, the virus present on the dresses of health care wokers and patients gets demised. 

2 Chaperones

We look to build a web-based Intelligent Queuing System to combat COVID-19 that distributes resources evenly in the times of scarcity, ensures priority and convenience of the senior citizens, keeping in consideration the failed sectors of the market and looking to provide meaningful insights with our solution as a thought for the future.

31 Hack O' Holics

The diagnosing of the disease is a tedious task and requires close contact with the individuals, who may be infected. Then it is essential to monitor and regulate the general public during the time of lockdown. Police cannot ensure whether everyone is safe in their residence. A device for the diagnosis and to ensure social distancing is needed. 

22 Quarntine Denouementers

In the proposed mobile application people of a particular area can post their requirements which are sent to the concerned govt authorities who can then provide the needful areawise.Also people who wish for donating can do the same.

54 Kgpians

Extensive testing is considered as an important step in tackling COVID-19. The contact-based testing and latency in testing are key challenges for the same. Here a 2-phase screening system for finding out the physiological parameters like breathing rate, temperature, shortness of breath from voice and thermal imaging is proposed.

37 Quarantech

Quarantech APP focuses on Social Distancing Issue and help the patients who are in need of Portable Ventilators in emergency during Lockdown.

50 Squadron-2020

As lock down has been initiated by our government to control the disease. People wander around stating to buy things that is making the situation even worse.To control the entire movement of the people, we must find a solution to restrict the mobility of people in way that does not affect the common people,vendors and the government.